Pay Per Click Services

Are You One of the 95% Who
Lose Money with Pay-Per-Click?

PayPerClickMarketing_overIf so, we’d like to help. Since 2002 we have managed millions of dollars in ads through Google, Yahoo and MSN; but more importantly we have helped our clients consistently achieve returns on that money spent!

We can’t tell you how many clients we have consulted for that when they initially came to us “refused” to do Google Paid Search because they had lost so much money with them (either trying it themselves or paying someone to do it for them).

While Google Paid Search can be scary (especially if you don’t know what you’re doing) it is also one of the most powerful marketing techniques in existence. If done correctly you can achieve double to triple digit returns on your ad spend.

Our PPC Experts can help you achieve these type of results in the following ways:

  • Training you or your staff how to properly set up and run a PPC campaign
  • Doing the Initial Set up of your PPC Account (this is one of the most important steps in your PPC account b/c there are 2 settings inside Google that if are wrong will cause you to loose 95+% of the time)
  • Review your current PPC campaign and help you/your staff optimize it for maximum conversions
  • Set up and Manage your PPC Campaign(s) for you

Our PPC Services

PPC Setup & Management

If you’d rather spend time on your business, growing it and would rather our experts manage your paid search account this is the option for you.

Let our PPC experts set up and manage your ppc campaigns for you. Whether you have thousands of dollars to spend per month or just a few hundred dollars a month, we can put together a customized plan that fits your budget.

When we set up and manage your PPC Campaign here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Extensive initial Keyword Research for relevant Keywords to your business
  • Initial Set up of your PPC Accounts (Google, MSN & any others you’d like)
  • Monthly Management and Optimization of your PPC Account(s)
  • Monthly reporting of ppc progress (i.e. ROI, Traffic, CTR, etc.)
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PPC Campaign Optimization

If you have a PPC Campaign that’s losing money or under performing we can help. Let us sit down with you and look at your PPC campaign(s) and help you optimize them so you start making money with paid search.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Sit down with you to review your PPC Campaign(s) (we don’t have to meet live, this can all be done over the internet too)
  • Provide you with specific takeaways that you can implement into your PPC Campaign(s)
  • Track results and make changes if necessarily
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PPC Training

If you have an employee that you feel could learn this skill and manage your Paid Search Campaign for you (or maybe you’d like to learn) let us come to your business and train him/her how to run a successful paid search campaign.

We’ll log into our own Google accounts and show you real time examples of things were doing to win at paid search. We’ll also teach you the difference between Linear Bid Paid Search Systems and Quality Score Systems and the 6 Rules you must follow to make money with paid search.

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