How to Use Tumblr to Share Blog Content

So you’ve heard that Tumblr is a good way to promote your blog. What now?

After signing up for an account and hopefully getting a few followers, you’ll want to start posting your blog content through the Tumblr platform. There are several options for how to do this, so choose the one that you think works best for your goals.

The first thing you’ll want to do is click the blue pencil icon at the top right corner of your home screen. This will bring up a set of icons that looks like this:

From here, you can choose the type of post depending on how you’d like to show your blog post.

1. Post link and preview of blog post

The easiest option is to simply share a link to your blog post, hosted on your own website. Copy the URL of your article, then select the green “Link” button from the set of icons.

Paste in your URL and it will automatically format it to show your title and link address in the post. Depending on the way your website is laid out, it may also automatically populate the description box with a paragraph or so from the page. If it doesn’t do that and you’d like a preview of the text, just copy and paste a brief excerpt from the article into the description area in your Tumblr post. It should end up looking something like this:

One more thing, and this goes for all your Tumblr posts: Click on the little arrow next to “Post,” and it gives you the option to post now, add to queue, save as draft, post privately, schedule your post, or preview it on Tumblr. Pretty nifty!

2. Post teaser content with a link to blog post

Tumblr users love to share images, gifs, and videos. So why not promote your blog post with a little bit of relevant teaser content? Find something funny or interesting, then click the red “Photo” icon from the set of post options.

Upload the content, then write a little comment in the caption area.

But don’t stop there! You want to bring people to your blog post, not just share an interesting picture. Highlight the text that you would like the turn into a hyperlink, then click the little icon the looks like a crooked 8 and paste your URL. Voilà!

3. Post full blog content

Your final option is to just paste the entire article into a Tumblr post. Do this by clicking the white “Text” icon.

Then simply paste the entire text of your article into the box provided.


If you have pictures to include, place your cursor on an empty line and click the plus sign that shows up. You’ll then be presented with the following bar. You can also use this bar to insert video, create a horizontal line, or add a “Read More” line. The “Read More” line is essential because then you aren’t clogging up Tumblr feeds with your full article – instead, it will just show the text up until that point, and readers can choose to read more.

One more thing! If you have a post that involves a bit of formatting, Tumblr gives you the lovely little option of working in HTML or Markdown. To do this, click on the Settings icon at the top right corner and change which text editor you’re working in.

And there you have it! Three simple ways to share your blog posts on Tumblr. If you’d like a more general rundown of why Tumblr is good for marketing, check out our article “The Secret Marketing Power of Tumblr.”

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